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SqualaMatrix (TM)

Many common diseases, such as macular degeneration, eczema, diabetic retinopathy, and some cancers, are characterized by runaway vascular development, the type that is usually associated with growth or wound repair. Some types of radiation damage also cause this condition, known as abnormal angiogenesis. Squalamine is a natural substance found in the liver of the dogfish shark. Approved for use in the treatment of macular degeneration, squalamine also appears to inhibit the angiogenesis process elsewhere.

SqualaMatrixTM is Viivi Bio Products' natural freeze dried, water soluble shark liver product, which contains squalamine plus seven other bio-active aminosterols, produced in a unique, ecologically sustainable way using our patented process. More >


Cold-Processed Shark Liver Oil

In the 1700's, Norwegian fishermen discovered that shark liver oil could promote skin healing, reduce swelling, help avoid respiratory tract problems, and contribute to their robust good health. Modern research has identified a concentration of alkylglycerols in the oil, which are believed to enhance the body's immune defense system, stimulate the formation of antibodies to fight infection, and help individuals tolerate the toxic effects of radiation. Many take it to ease the symptoms of arthritis or to avoid colds and other viral illnesses.

Viivi Bio Products produces the finest quality cold-processed shark liver oil, containing a minimum of 20% pure alkylglycerols as a by-product of its production of SqualaMatrixTM. More >